November Breakfast Challenge ~ Day 20-30

30 Nov

Welcome to the final recap of the November Breakfast Challenge! I can’t believe it’s over already, I really enjoyed trying a new breakfast each day and I hope I inspired you to try something new (I wasn’t even trying it rhyme).

Onto the recap:

Day 20

nbc day 20


Gabby’s Gluten Free chocolate buckwheat breakfast cookies! Topped with cashew butter (the best).

Day 21

nbc day 21


Curry banana chia pudding, have to admit I was a little scared as to how it would taste but I’m pleased to say it worked! Thanks to Meg for the recipe.

Day 22

nbc day 22


Purely Twins squash waffles  ~ I made mine with kabocha squash.

Day 23

nbc day 23


Tofu scramble with leeks, carrots, broccoli and tomatoes and the Jack Wills Christmas catalogue in the background ;)

Day 24

nbc day 24


Baked egg stuffed in orange kabocha squash ~ never tried this before and it was yum!

Day 25

nbc day 25


Powercakes chocolate oat power bars (oats, puffed rice cocoa powder, chia seeds, pumpkin and a few other ingredients)

Day 26

nbc day 26


Greek yoghurt with chia seeds, pumpkin, cocoa powder all topped with a chopped banana.

Day 27

nbc day 27

So kind of an ugly breakfast but I promise it was delicious ~ pumpkin buckwheat pancakes topped with coconut butter and cocoa powder

Day 28

nbc day 28


In honour of thanksgiving in the US I made Edible perspective’s cranberry lemon oat waffles.

Day 29

nbc day 29


Can’t believe I hadn’t had one of these for the November breakfast challenge yet ~ Edible perspective pumpkin cranberry buckwheat bake topped with dark chocolate peanut butter.

Day 30

nbc day 30


I still can’t believe it’s the last day of the November breakfast challenge! Today’s breakfast wass chocolate greek yoghurt with chia seeds and goji berries topped with satsumas (getting in the Christmas spirit) and homemade granola.

Hope you enjoyed all my recap posts see part 1 and part 2 here.


November Breakfast Challenge ~ Days 13-19

19 Nov

I’m loving the November breakfast challenge this month; it’s really helping me get creative and look forward (even more than I already do!) to breakfast time.

Variety is a key component of a healthy diet and mixing up breakfasts is a great way to achieve this. Personally I rotate the grains and types of nut/seeds I eat daily ~ buut I pretty much eat the same vegetables every day (although I do rotate fruit)

So anyway, onto the recap!

Day 13

nbc day 13


Pumpkin persimmon buckwheat waffles (these were so good, the persimmon added the perfect amount of sweetness!).

Day 14

nbc day 14


Awful photo but I promise it tasted good ~ superfood parfait with a banana, chia seed and cocoa layer and a oat, goji berry and maca layer.

Day 15

nbc day 15


Puffed quinoa mixed with cocoa powder, orange zest, goji berries and pumpkin purée. Loosely inspired by the Fitnessista’s orange goji clusters

Day 16

nbc day 16

Meg’s giant 2 ingredient persimmon cookie (the recipe is for small ones but I rolled with a giant one ~ fuel me up!)

Day 17


nbc day 17


Pumpkin cinnamon buckwheat waffles topped with fig jam (only made from figs and apple juice) and coconut.

Day 18

nbc day 18


Greek yoghurt with homemade coconut granola (oats, coconut, dried cranberries, raisins and persimmon)(let me know if you’d like the recipe! It’s super easy) and a chopped apple

Day 19

nbc day 19


Chia choco yoghurt bowl; I had Greek yoghurt with cocoa powder stirred in, chia pudding made with cinnamon tea and goji berries and a chopped banana! Amazing balance of fats, proteins and carbs.

Hope you enjoyed this recap, more to come soon!



November Breakfast Challenge ~ Days 1-12

15 Nov

So this month, November 2013, I am participating in A Dash Of Meg’s breakfast challenge which is basically to eat a different breakfast every day this month. No repeats!

So far I think I’m doing pretty well, I’ve been trying new breakfasts every day and I’ve not run out of ideas yet so it’s all good.

So onto the recap, so you can all see what I’ve been coming up with for breakfast and hopefully get some ideas/inspiration.

Day 1

nbc day 1

Pumpkin goji berry oatmeal ~ this was so warm and comforting on a chilly morning in the Lake District

Day 2

nbc day 2

Greek yoghurt with a chopped banana and some Oh She Glows pumpkin pecan butter

Day 3

nbc day 3

This was a chocolate sweet potato pudding (sweet potato, cocoa powder, coconut oil, chia seeds, almond milk) and apple slices.

Day 4


Purely Twins Plantain Bread topped with more pumpkin pecan butter.

Day 5


photo (96)

It was a 2 bowl breakfast day that morning, brown rice puffs with almond milk and maca + Greek yoghurt with Apple and strawberries!

Day 6

kiwi overnight oats

Overnight oats (oats, chia seeds, almond milk, goji berries) topped with kiwi fruit!

Day 7




I think this one was the best so far! Cocoa buckwheat waffles #yum

Day 8


A Dash of Meg’s chia oats parfait using the yogi tea choco spice – topped with goji berries.

Day 9

nbc day9

Hot brown rice breakfast bowl topped with pecans, dried cranberries and coconut.

Day 10

Another 2 bowl breakfast day! Greek yoghurt with kiwi, also had some puffed amaranth (I use edible perspective’s method)

nbc day 10

puff a

Day 11

nbc day 11


Pumpkin permission parfait. Layer 1 is pumpkin oatmeal, layer 2 is almond milk blended with permission and chia seeds, layer 3 is Greek yoghurt then topped with cocoa powder and repeated.

Day 12

nbc day 12


Greek yoghurt with a chopped banana and some chocolate buckwheat breakfast cookie that I baked using this recipe

Hope you enjoyed my day 1-12 recap, more recap posts coming soon but in the mean time let me know if you try any of these breakfasts


Grain-free Black Bean Brownies

8 Nov

So bonfire night on tuesday meant a surplus of leftover beans in our household (from chilli). I’m not complaining ~ I love beans but I wanted to find a use for some of them.

Enter the black bean brownie.

I love Chocolate Covered Katie’s recipe for black bean brownies, however I have been meaning to make my own. And to jazz them up even further I went grain free (not that I have anything against grains ~ quinoa get in my belly) to help make them a bit more allergy friendly. Oh and they’re vegan too, and nut-free.


Gooey Black Bean Brownies

  • 1 can black beans (drained and rinsed)
  • 2 tbsp cocoa powder
  • 50g sunflower seed flour (I made my own, grind sunflower seeds in a food processor or grinder)
  • 1/4 cup liquid sweetner of choice (I used my sweet freedom)
  • 1 tbsp flax seed
  • 2-3 tbsp almond milk (or other milk of choice)
  • up to 1/2 cup dark chocolate chips
  • 2 tbsp pumpkin puree
  • 6 tbsp coconut oil
  • 1/4 tsp baking soda
  • 1/4 tsp salt

Combine the liquid sweetner and flax and leave to sit. Blend together (in a food processor) the beans, cocoa powder and almond milk. Add sunflower seed flour to a bowl, then add the pumpkin, oil, baking soda and salt. Stir-in the black bean mix and sweet flax ‘egg’. Gently fold in the chocolate chips. Pour into a pan and bake at 180 C for about an hour (these take a loooooong time).

sunflower sed

sunflower seed

(making the sunflower seed flour)

Hope you enjoy these delightful treats, they go wonderfully with a mug of herbal tea!


Good old days tag

14 Oct

So earlier this week I saw Lori and Michelle of Purely Twins do this tag. I thought it sounded fun and I thought you’d enjoy getting to know me a bit more so without further ado…here is the tag!  

1. Do you like surprises? 

I like nice surprises ;) I am not a person who stresses as to what a surprise could be, but I don’t like having something I don’t want to do suddenly sprung upon me – I have no time to mentally pysc myself up!

2. Favourite place or city that you have been to? 

I love visiting London to go shopping, but I absolutely adore Lake Garda, Italy for the scenery and peace.

3. What is your favorite month and why?

OCTOBER! Its fall, the air is cool and crisp, the leaves are falling, pumpkin is everywhere, all the delicious squash comes out to play (so far this season I’ve had spaghetti, kabocha and butternut) and you can get all warm and cosy in the evenings. However having said this the weather in Britain is currently this:



(if you can’t tell its raining. Hard.)

4. What do you like about blogging?

I like that blogging is a fun creative outlet and allows me to connect with people across the globe who I never would have met otherwise!

5. Have you been on a cruise before? If not, would you?

I have been on a mini cruise to Brugges, Belgium – it was actually free as we won a competition and whilst I enjoyed the city I wasn’t so keen on the boat part. I’ll stick to flying and training #thankyouverymuch

brugges hat

brugges church

brugges brigde

6. Current favourite song?

So I don’t really listen to modern music but I’m love take it like a man from Legally blond the musical at the moment

photo (3)

7. What is a goal you are working on right now?

Well I just ran a 10k so I’ve got a bit of a running bug at the moment and I’m thinking a half marathon may be on my horizon

run 101010

8. What do you like to do with your free time?

Read books, read blogs, exercise (yes I consider this an enjoyable activity), bake, visit new places – just some of my faves.


9. If you won the lottery, what would you do?

Give half of it to a charity/causes I believe in. Spend the other half on uni fees and personal spending (lululemon everything! haha)

10. What’s your favorite TV show that you grew up watching as a child? 

Tweenies – love it. I even had a toy fizz who once fell in a duck pond and got so dirty my parents replaced her without me knowing! At leat it kept me appeased :)



Hope you enjoyed this tag and feel free to answer any of the questions in the comments.


#POWERBOWL challenge recap

1 Oct

 Hello lovelies

One of my favourite blogs is Powercakes, Kasey is an inspiring wellness warrior and has a great motto – be true to you. In the month of September Kasey hosted a powerbowl challenge, which was basically an opportunity to create some amazing powerbowls!

What is a powerbowl I hear you ask? it is basically a bowl filled with foods you enjoy and foods that fuel your body. These can be veggie based, basically like a salad, or any other ingredients you literally can put together into a bowl! Fun inclusions include carbs, proteins, & fats to create a balanced meal.

 Now onto some of my personal favourite powerbowls of mine from the challenge!



This one is a breakfast bowl of FIGS, greek yoghurt and homemade granola, it was super tasty – greek yoghurt and granola really go well together!



So this isn’t the prettiest but I promise it was delish. Sauteed kale (veggies) alongside brown rice (carbohydrates) and a lentil tomato stew packed with courgette aubergine and red pepper.



A healthy take on the Wimbledon classic, strawberries and ‘cream’ – except the cream is greek yoghurt instead for extra protein and staying power. This would be AMAZING drizzled with maple syrup! 


Finally my favourite little bowl of ‘power’, tahini with a side of dark chocolate! This makes a great not-too-sweet dessert and is packed with power from all the minerals in the tahini (erm hello calcium)

I hope you enjoyed recapping some of my favourite powerbowls of the month and be sure to let me know in the comments what your favourite #powerbowl combo is! 


My meditation challenge

22 Sep

So there are some things we all know we should do. Eat your vegetables, get plenty of fresh air, don’t stress (too much) just to name a few. One thing that has cropped up for me recently is the importance of meditation. Just a couple of minutes a day can really make a difference to how you feel and how you respond to the situations life throws at you.

“You can’t change your experiences but you can change your experiences of your experiences”

This quote really resonates with me because often we feel reluctant to do something, and then look back on it and realise we really enjoyed it. If we live in the moment (which meditation helps us to do) then we enjoy these experiences whilst we are doing them.

So today I challenge you to join me on my 30 day meditation journey. Only 5 minutes per day (everyone has 5 minutes right?!?) just to sit quietly and focus on your breath, in out in out in that beautiful rhythm that keeps us alive. If you feel like it acknowledge what you are grateful for – pick one trait (for me it’s intelligence) and really be thankful for it and everything it has brought you. Or you could imagine a golden light flowing through your body.

“I’m embarking on a 30 day meditation challenge with @superfoodbabe #meditate” (tweet me)

I hope you enjoy this challenge and let me know how you get on, by the end of the month I’m sure we will all be feeling calm, centred and beautiful



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