Cooking for others

8 Jan

I love surprise there, but sometimes I get nervous when I cook for others except myself. This is probably because I worry they won’t like it – however it is my goal to CRUSH this fear because it amounts to nothing and every time I cook something #plantPOWERED or TIU approved my family love it!

 Tonight I am going to cook chocolate covered katie’s ‘million veggie lentil stew‘ for myself and my dad (mum & bro are out) and I hope he likes it!!!

1 Million Vegetable Stew!

Its good for your soul to cook for others as it helps spread kindness, its no coincidence baked goods are often used to welcome others into one’s house. It creates a sense of self-worth and you feel proud of yourself for taking the stress off someone else – I know I love it when someone cooks a (healthy) meal all for me. Example; I’m vegetarian and at the weekend we went to some friends, the host was kind enough to cook me my own aubergine lentil moussaka (bit of an indulgence) which I happily gobbled up.

So I challenge you to spread the love and cook up a healthy meal for treat for your friends or family to love your body and love their body ;)

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2 Responses to “Cooking for others”

  1. janet @ the taste space January 10, 2013 at 10:56 am #

    I used to get nervous about cooking for others as well but as I grew more confident in the kitchen, it wasn’t as much of an issue because I would try to cater to their tastes/preferences and use recipes that I knew I would also like. :) I plan on making this stew, too. It looks delicious! :)

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